CPE Sample Opinion Letter

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your article on fatherhood in the latest issue of your magazine. First off, I would like to take issue with some of the criticisms mentioned in the extract and I wholeheartedly believe in their being incorrect- not least in this mechanised and industrial epoch. Much as the role of fathers has changed in recent decades, to my mind, the basic role of fathers in providing financial yet advisory support to all the family members remains indisputable. In this regard, the following paragraphs will outline the reasons why the basic role of fathers has not changed in the least, along with giving real-life examples to support this view.

Throughout the history fathers have always spent most of their day time outside the family context and, at the same time, were highly successful in giving useful pieces of advice to their grown-up children in different phases of their life. This, along with emotional support of mothers, has always helped family members to effectively deal with difficulties or any hard moments in life. So, quite obviously, the advisory role of fathers has not changed whatsoever.

A second unchanged characteristic of fathers is that they go to great lengths to provide the minimum level of ‘quality of life’ for their families. With 24-hour working culture the norm and stress at work widespread, fathers nowadays set a good example for their offsprings and help them to better understand the harsh nature of real life and, in turn, make them to come to the understanding that life is not a bed of roses after all.

By and large, not only are we forced to conclude that the traditional roles of fathers have stayed the same, but we are more and more believing in tha fact that, due to harsh realities of life, fathers are becoming the heroes of the previous generations and their role is moving towards a more systematic vision of leadership- which is bound to materialise in the foreseeable future.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad Pouramiri


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