Exclusive Tutoring Service

Mohammad Pouramiri

Mohammad Pouramiri is an English tutor offering private as well as public classes at different levels. Holding an IELTS band 8 along with 4 years of teaching experience, he is now able to offer tailor-made techniques for those in pursuit of a higher band score.Having worked as a translator for several international as well as local translation agencies, he delivers quality proofreading services for graduate students who want to have their manuscripts grammatically checked. Having completed all of the courses of two prestigious English institutes (ILI, Shokouh Language Institute), he has a track record of 10 years of excellent performance and comprehensive studying at these institutes.


IELTS Tutoring

Mohammad Pouramiri offers exclusive IELTS tutoring service with tailor-made techniques in a realistic approach.


Designated especially for students and professors, proofreading service is for those who would like to have their manuscripts grammatically checked before going through the publication process.

Writing Correction Service

Unparalled writing correction service  is available for those who seek to have their basic writing errors corrected.




IELTS Band 9

Cambridge is Second to None


Hardly a day goes by without thinking about those dream places in the world which spark my imagination. I have always been.


Writing Task 2 (Opinion Essay)

Here is the corrected version of one of my students' writing task 2.  

Working hours today are too long and people are not spending as much time.


Writing Task 1 Band 9 Demonstration

The charts below show the number of Japanese tourists travelling abroad between 1985 and 1995 and Australia’s share of the Japanese tourist market.  Write a report for a university.